'24: Live Another Day' 8 p.m.-9 p.m. recap

By Matthew Dagen,

Jack is in pursuit of Navarro, who is on the run after stealing the override device. Kate and Ritter are leaving the crime scene where they found Jordan when Kate gets a call from Jack about the situation with Navarro. Kate and Ritter hurry back to the station while Jack continues to track the disgraced CIA station head.

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Navarro gets a hold of Adrian to secure his safe passage out of England. Adrian directs Navarro to a local train station to make the drop, and tells him that money, a passport and a car will be waiting for him upon arrival. Jack chases Navarro to the station, but is far enough behind for Navarro to realize he's been played. Adrian picks up the device, and there's no car for Navarro. Jack corners Navarro with some help in the form of CIA backup. Navarro is cuffed and brought back to the station.

Jack goes into the station and sees Adrian with the device heading toward the train. He begins chasing after him, but is too far behind to catch him before the train takes off. Jack sees Chloe sitting alongside Adrian, and calls out for her, hoping she'll see or or hear him, but the train heads off down the tunnel. When Adrian and Chloe are safely away, Adrian explains his plan to Chloe. He's taking his override device back to show the world how vulnerable their defenses really are, which he plans to do by breaching their firewalls.

Jack rides back to the CIA station with Navarro. Ritter addresses the team about the situation, about both Jordan's death and the fact that Navarro was responsible for it. As Navarro is being brought in, Kate is told by one of the analysts that her husband was framed by Navarro, that the intel sold to the Chinese was fabricated. Jack asks Ritter if he's the one that can question Navarro as he may be the only one Navarro might fear.

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