5-year-old Sadie in hysterics over the fact her baby brother will grow up (Video)

By Gina DiFalco,

It’s a dilemma all parents face – it’s bittersweet to watch their children to grow up. However, a new viral video shows an adorable 5-year-old big sister from Arizona who cries at the thought of her baby brother not being a baby forever.

Sadie, dressed in a princess outfit, is seen crying and hugging her brother while sobbing “I don’t want him to grow up, he’s so cute!”

As he looks at her crying and cracks a smile at her, this seems to send her over the edge. She continues she cry, “I love your cute little smiles!” KTAR reports.

She realizes the fact that she, too, will grow up. Sadie faces another dilemma, she also cries about not wanting to “die when I’m 100.”

This video is so heart-breaking yet adorable, it wouldn’t be surprising if she turned up on talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which is known for hosting toddlers with viral videos.



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