98-year-old woman to be evicted from San Francisco apartment

By Julianne Mosher,

After living in her apartment for more than 50 years, a 98-year-old San Francisco woman is being evicted from her “happy” home.

According to KRON 4, Mary Phillips says she has been “very happy here.” But reports say that the building’s owners want to sell and take full advantage of the location's booming real estate.

“I’ve always paid my rent,” she says. “I’ve never been late.”

Business Insider reports that protesters gathered outside of the offices of Urban Green Investments on Wednesday to support the elderly woman. They want to stop the rising number of evictions that are occurring under the Ellis Act – a law that gives permission to landlords the power to evict tenants, temporarily shut down a property and then sell it for a profit.

However, Phillips won’t let her age stop her nor allow the owners to get away with trying to give her the boot.

“Just because of your age, don’t let people push you around,” she said. “They’re going to have to take me out of here feet first.”



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