Adele's world tour rumors are a hoax

By Kate Taylor ,

The news of Adele's anxiously awaited third album release later this year and supporting tour are confirmed to be half true.

According to Billboard, the award-winning songstress is rumored to be releasing her next album, 25, later this year. Unfortunately for fans, the album's rumored accompanying world tour is being denied by sources close to the singer.

In fact, higher-ups associated with Adele's music label corroborate that there is “no truth in this.”

The official denial has done little to quiet speculation by media outlets or excited fans. Either way, the album title 25 is not groundbreaking, considering her previous albums 19 and 21 are based on the corresponding years in the singer's life.

Groundbreaking theme or not, the fact that Adele's work will be groundbreaking is more or less common knowledge by now. Audiences everywhere, critics and artists themselves are all undoubtedly going to jump at the opportunity to pre-order 25, or at the very least won’t have an aversion having to constantly listen to her next power ballad on the radio.

image via INFphoto.com



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