Amanda Longacre, who was stripped of Miss Delaware title, files $3 million lawsuit

By Kyle Johnson,

Amanda Longacre, who was named Miss Delaware for two weeks until it was revealed she was too old, has filed a lawsuit against the Miss America organization and pageant officials in Delaware.

According to The Associated Press, the 24-year-old is seeking $3 million and that she be given the title again and be allowed to compete in the Miss America pageant.

Of the $3 million, $2.5 million would go to other contestants that were also disqualified over age issues despite being recruited.

Miss America organization president Sharon Pearce said, "It is a lawsuit without merit and we will defend it vigorously."

In June, Longacre won the Miss Delaware crown, but officials eventually realized a mistake had been made and that she was too old to compete. To compete one must be between 17 and 24, which she technically is, but she will turn 25 later this year.

Eventually officials came back and said that Longacre would be allowed to keep the $9,000 in scholarship money she won, but still would not keep the title nor be allowed to compete in the Miss America pageant.

The Miss Delaware crown went to Brittany Lewis, who is also 24, but won't turn 25 until next year.



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