Amazon’s third pilot season will feature Mena Suvari's 'Hysteria'

By Mila Whiteley,

Amazon Studios has announced that its third pilot season will feature an hour-long thriller called Hysteria about the spreading of a social media-based epidemic.

Written by Shaun Cassidy and starring Mena Suvari, Hysteria is about a doctor who returns to her hometown of Austin to investigate a illness that has infected a competitive dance team and seems to be spreading through social media, according to Variety.

Through these pilot seasons, Amazon Studios provides sample episodes of shows in order to see how the audience reacts to them, reports CNET. If people seem to enjoy the shows by voting, then Amazon will produce a full season.

During this pilot season, along with Hysteria, Amazon Studios is also testing a drama called Hand of God and a historical drama called Point of Honor.

Speaking of the show’s pilot pickup by Amazon Studios, writer Cassidy said, “I can think of no better platform than Amazon to tell a story that explores the price of fear and the very real threat of viral connection becoming contagion.”

Photo courtesy of INFphoto.com



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