Angelina Jolie takes legal action against the Daily Mail

By Jorie Goins,

Just days after the Daily Mail attempted (and apparently failed) to apologize to George Clooney for publishing a false story about a supposed rift between Clooney and his future mother-in-law, the U.K. publication has now rubbed Angelina Jolie the wrong way with yet another news story.

The Daily Mail story in question discusses Angelina Jolie’s troubled past, including her difficult relationship with her father, Jon Voight, her drug use and her previous sexual relationships, among other topics. It also highlights her transformation from troubled star to an internationally recognized actress and humanitarian.

But the centerpiece of the article and the cause of the latest uproar against the Daily Mail is the alleged 16-minute video of Jolie supposedly in the midst of her heroin addiction. The actual video is not posted on the Daily Mail’s article but images that are supposedly from the video are included throughout the story. The video was reportedly acquired from The National Enquirer and shot by Franklin Meyer, a drug dealer from New York who claims to have sold drugs to Jolie. In the video, a frail looking Jolie paces back and forth talking on the phone with very sunken eyes.

According to the London Times and Time magazine, Jolie plans to take legal actions against the Daily Mail. Jolie, who has discussed her drug use in the past, calls the video a “gross violation of her privacy,” according to Time magazine.

Photo Courtesy of: RogerWong/INFphoto.com



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