Angels & Airwaves Top 10: Part II

By Luke Wiersma,

When it comes to truly excellent and influential bands, one TheCelebrityCafe.com article simply won’t suffice for Angels & Airwaves. So, since many of you enjoyed reading my first installment, I’ve decided to create a second. It was hard to believe but the “cut list” for this one was actually harder than the first, as I struggled with leaving a few songs off of this list.

I realized that there were A&A songs that (hard as it was for me to believe) that I had somehow missed and never heard before. So I gave them a listen, hardly expecting them to affect at all the list below. But it most certainly did indeed, as numbers nine, five and four would not have been included without that last-second listen.

I truly believe that this second “Top 10” would blow away the first of most other bands' such lists. So here you go, the almost-as-awesome-but-not-quite-the-best-but-still-amazing “Second Edition of the Top 10 Songs of Angels and Airwaves.”

Image courtesy of Joe Gall/INFevents.com

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