Anna Kendrick thinks it would be 'be super f--king stressful' to be on 'Most Beautiful' lists

By Gina DiFalco,

Anna Kendrick thinks it would be extremely taxing to have the pressure of constantly making “Most Beautiful” lists, and she’s opening up about being known more for her acting abilities than for her looks.

The Pitch Perfect 2 star, who’s had a booming career since first appearing in The Twilight Saga, acknowledges it’s not her looks that’s fueled her successful career – although to her credit, it could’ve been.

"The thing is, my appearance—that's never been my moneymaker," she told the August issue of Glamour.

"I'm fine being small. I'm fine being all the things I am and I'm happy I'm not supposed to be on the 50 Most Beautiful list all the time, because that would be super f--king stressful,” she went on to say.

Last month, it was revealed Kendrick told Elle she hasn’t been hit on in five years. She said the last time she was hit on was in 2009, when Up in the Air came out.

image via ACE/INFphoto.com



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