Apple and Google to play major role in the future car industry

By Mihir Shah,

The two big software giants, Apple and Google, are expected to play a major role in the future of our automobile industry.

According to Time, Apple is coming up with CarPlay, which enables users to connect their iDevice through a lightning cable. iOS will take over the center screen and navigaaion, music, texting, and phone calls can be controlled by voice through Siri, making it a safe journey to travel.

Similarly, Google announced Android Auto and it will use a MicroUSB to connect the Android device, as well as Google Voice for dictation. Naoki Sugimoto, a Senior Program Director for Honda, said, “These are mostly software features, so the way we work is to try to decouple software architecture from hardware architecture.”

According to Forbes, Audi is offering Apple CarPlay on its U.S. models in 2016, as well as Google’s Android Auto on some 2015 models.

These technologies are aimed to reduce distractions behind the wheel and eliminate the need to pick up the phone while driving, since the majority of the essential functions will be operated through the car.

This implementation will eventually ensure car safety and give way to an era of Smart cars.



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