Apple ready to launch big screen iPhones

By Mihir Shah,

Apple is getting ready to tell their suppliers to prepare for the big launch this year, with iPhone models having 4.4 inch and 5.5 inch screens.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple is ready for its biggest launch of iPhones, and are confident that their large-screen devices will attract customers who are currently attracted to big-screen Android phones, such as devices from Samsung Electronic Co. Apple is asking their suppliers to manufacture around 80 million iPhones of two different screen sizes. According to insiders, the deadline is December 30.

Last year, the company sold around 60 million iPhone 5s and 5c devices, which had a screen size of 4 inches diagonally. The new iPhone launching this year is rumored to have the same metal cases with different colors.

Forbes notes that it is the worst kept secret in the technology industry that the bigger screen iPhones will launch in September.

This also means that there will be an increase up to 60 percent when compared to last year's orders of the 5s and 5c. iPhone 6 is also likely to have sapphire screen displays, which is the second hardest substance know behind diamond.



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