Australia comes out with new condom that kills sexually transmitted diseases

By Angelica Stephens,

Australia has designed a new condom that has the ability to destroy sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV and herpes on contact to prevent transmission of diseases.

According to The Telegraph, the condom contains an antiviral gel, known as VivaGel, which kills STDs on contact.

VivaGel was designed by Starpharma, an Australian biotech firm, which is working together with Ansell, a condom company in Australia, to create and distribute the condoms.

When the gel was tested on HIV, herpes simplex virus (HSV) and human papillomavirus (HPV), results showed that it was capable of rendering up to 99.9 percent of the STDs inactive; the VivaGel condom is the first condom to kill STDs instead of simply blocking them.

The condom has been approved by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration, which means that it will hit the shelves soon, according to the Press Trust of India.

The VivaGel condoms are expected to be available for purchase within the next three months. The U.S. Food and Drugs Administration is currently reviewing the product in order to possibly sell it in the United States. Japan is another country that has approved of STD-killing condoms.



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