Azealia Banks leaves Universal Music Group, brags about it on Twitter

By Daniel S Levine,

Rapper Azealia Banks, who is perhaps more famous for her celebrity feuds than her music, has left her label, Universal Music Group. Banks proudly announced the news herself on Twitter and sounded excited to get a fresh start.

In a series of tweets, Banks wrote about how liberating it felt to leave UMG. "IM ABOUT TO GET OUT OF MY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THATS THE BIG SURPRISE!!!!!” she first wrote. “I'S IS FREE!!!!!!”

Next, she said she felt like Celie at the end of The Color Purple. She hopes to become “the cool indie chick I imagined I would be when I was 14.”

Banks scored a huge hit with “212” back in 2012, and followed that up by signing a big record deal with UMG, notes Entertainment Weekly. She was supposed to release a full album at some point, but all that came out of it was an EP. Her first album, Broke with Expensive Taste, is now set for this summer, but the status of it is unknown, considering today’s news.

As the “212” fad waned, the only way Banks seemed to stay in the headlines was thanks to controversial Twitter battles with the likes of Angel Haze, Perez Hilton, T.I. and even Lady Gaga.

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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