Baby girl found abandoned in New York subway

By Elizabeth Learned,

A baby girl was left abandoned in a crowded Subway in New York City at the Columbus Circle station.

CBS News reported that around noon on Monday, a woman on a Northbound train stayed inside the subway car as she pushed the stroller with the baby girl inside onto the platform. The baby is at least six or seven-months-old and she is at Mount Sinai-Roosevelt Hospital being looked after.

When a passerby spotted the child, she stayed by the baby’s side for 20 minutes before calling for help. A photo was released of the child in an effort for information as to her identity.

New York Times reported the baby would be placed in the custody of the Administration for Children’s Services until it is clear who she is.

The child appeared unharmed when she was found and was sitting in a red stroller with white polka dots.

A description of the woman who left the child states she was believed to be in her 20’s and she was wearing a yellow blouse. The train she was on was the No. 1 northbound train.



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