Baby gorilla at San Diego Zoo is finally in good health

By Amanda Stewart,

A gorilla who gave birth on March 12 in San Diego, was forced to have a c-section after a dangerous delivery. After the young gorilla’s life being threatened for months with a collapsed lung and pneumonia, the baby gorilla is now reported to be in good health.

Initially, the baby gorilla’s health was questionable. Immediately after being born, she underwent surgery for a collapsed lung, and had treatment for pneumonia, according to Delhi Daily News.

Battleground Blog reports that this was the first time in history that park officials performed this procedure on a gorilla to aid in the birthing process.

The young gorilla has not yet been switched to solid foods. She has six teeth so far.

The little gorilla has been named after the Foundation of San Diego Zoo Global’s first chairwoman, Joanne Warren. The gorilla is learning well and seems to be gaining knowledge about how to live in the world.

Imani, Joanne’s mother, was 18 when she gave birth for the first time. Eighteen is old for a gorilla to be giving birth for the first time. Because of Imani being older, there were some medical challenges that came with the pregnancy. Zookeepers were concerned that she would not have the correct maternal impulse.

However, since Joanne was born, the two gorillas have been inseparable. Joanne doesn’t ever want to leave her mother’s side, and is often seen riding on her back around the exhibit.

"Anything big and attractive that her mom is holding Joanne will try to investigate, like a normal gorilla baby,” said keeper Jami Pawlowski.



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