'The Bachelorette' recap: Week Seven

By Kaitlyn Frey,

After this week’s episode of The Bachelorette, fans were left wondering, how could Andi possibly not see how much of a sneaky snake Nick is being.

The six remaining contestants jetted off to Brussels, Belgium for the most pivotal week thus far. After this round of dates, Andi would narrow her suitors down to only four and will be traveling to their hometowns next week.

And to spice things up, on this week’s one-on-one dates, there would be no rose. However, there would be one rose to fight over on the group date!

The first one-on-one went to Marcus. As per usual, the date starts off with the couple walking the streets of Brussels and immersing themselves in the everyday culture of the city. Andi really takes the cake as the Bachelorette that plans the most mundane, repetitive dates week after week.

During the date, Andi and Marcus talk about the time he considered leaving the show. Andi said she was shocked when he said that and it even made it difficult for her to get closer to him after that.

Marcus comes back with the quintessential out-of-a-romance-movie response: the reason he considered leaving was because he was scared of the emotions he was having for her and had never felt so strongly about someone so soon. He couldn’t have conjured up a better answer.

“You dream about someone who says those kinds of things,” Andi said.

During their romantic dinner at the Academy Palace, Marcus was apprehensive about talking to Andi about his family. When Andi asks whom she would be meeting next week during hometown dates, Marcus opens up about how his dad abandoned him when he was a child.

“It takes a lot for me to open up about my family. Communication is key in a relationship and I feel like we have it,” Marcus said.

After his phenomenal date, Marcus returns to the suite. Negative Nick has no interest in hearing about anyone else’s date, so he walks out of the suite to “make something happen on his own.” Otherwise known as, the producers staged this entire scene to create some drama.

Nick finds out which room Andi is staying in and decides to surprise her with an impromptu visit. When she answers the door, her draw drops to the floor. Even though it was against the rules, Andi and Nick go for a late night stroll through Brussels and spend some extra time together.

“It is a very passionate relationship—mentally, physically, emotionally. It is hot!” Andi said. But are the passion, spontaneity and lust blinding Andi from the side of Nick all of the other men are seeing?

The next day, Andi has a second one-on-one with Josh. Andi made it very clear to the viewer by reminding us at least 20 times that she wants him to “be more open and tell me how he’s feeling like everyone else is. I want to know that I am the girl Josh feels bigger, deeper things about. I want him to tell me what emotions he’s feeling.” Okay Andi, we get it.

During the nighttime portion of the date, they talk about Josh’s family and Andi pries him, trying to uncover his true feelings for her. The mysteriousness of Josh certainly makes Andi uneasy. “I am afraid he could be the one who breaks my heart,” she said.

Finally, Andi gets what she has been dying for and can breathe a sigh of relief. “This is very serious for me. I am falling in love with you and I love the way I am feeling,” Josh said.

The stakes were high on the next days group date, with a rose on the line that would guarantee one man a hometown date. Chris, Dylan and Brian are nervous and anxious about the date, while Nick is confident his little rendezvous with Andi the night before will play a role in today’s group date.

As the date’s progressing, Andi drops a bomb on the guys. She is going to give the rose out and the man with the rose will get to spend the rest of the night on a mini-one-on-one date while the other guys have to go back to the hotel.

After spending a little time with each guy, Andi makes a decision. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise (but a little bit of disappointment) when she gives the rose to Nick. His sneaky, conniving strategies sure are paying off—and the other guys could not be unhappier about it.

While Andi continues to inflate Nick’s already huge ego with more alone time, the other guys group up for a man chat back at the hotel. In the midst of their gossip session about Nick, he returns from the date.

Immediately, the room becomes awkwardly silent. Brian eventually is the first to break the silence and calls Nick out for being overly confident that he was going to get the rose on today’s date.

Marcus tells Nick it’s sketchy how he is the only contestant that knows tons of details about the past seasons of The Bachelorette, and it makes it appear that he isn’t here for the right reasons. Chris even goes as far to accuse Nick of talking about who the next Bachelor might be.

Of course, Nick rants on and on about how he is only here for Andi, but everyone else doesn’t seem so sure. Chris calls Nick a “gamer” because he talks about strategy and the game more than he talks about Andi. The night ends with tensions high between the guys and nervousness about the upcoming rose ceremony.

At the cocktail party, Chris, Brian and Dylan feel like they have the biggest targets on their backs, since they were the only three to not go on one-on-one dates this week.

While Brian is talking alone with Andi, Nick pulls one of his usual moves and interrupts their conversation—even though he already has a rose. Andi even calls him out for his cocky move, but he clearly doesn’t care what the other guys think of him at this point.

During the rose ceremony, Andi gives the first two roses to Josh and Marcus, just as expected. Now, there was only one final spot left for hometown dates.

Andi takes a deep breath, and gives the final rose to Chris. Although clearly heartbroken, Dylan and Brian both leave graciously. Andi cries as she says goodbye to both men.

Although it was the most difficult week and rose ceremony thus far, Andi and the final four men toast to the upcoming hometown dates. Next week, Andi will be traveling all over the U.S. to meet her potential future in-laws!

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