Baseball hit through Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer's glove (Video)

By Zach Levatino,
Baseball gloves have one job, stop the baseball.. Eric Hosmer's glove failed

On Tuesday night at Tropicana Field, outfielder Kevin Kiermaier accomplished a rare feat of hitting a line drive through an opposing player’s glove.

Doing his job, Kansas City Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer stuck out his glove to catch a line drive coming toward him down the first base side. He played it perfectly, so the ball should have ended up in his glove. Instead, it quite literally broke through the webbing of Hosmer’s glove, notes Yahoo Sports.

If this isn’t true power, what is? A typical instrument used to stop a baseball’s flight was ineffective because the ball was hit so hard.

Was the glove old and worn? Perhaps, but that is still something that rarely happens.

Fortunately for the Royals, second baseman Omar Infante was in great position to back up the play and still make the out at first base.

However, the Royals would end up losing the game 4-3, according to NESN. Unfortunately for Hosmer, he might have to consider suffering the loss of his glove as well.



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