BBC Worldwide apologizes again for ‘Doctor Who’ script leaks, says disciplinary actions will be taken

By Daniel S Levine,

BBC Worldwide has apologized again for the scripts for the first five episodes of Doctor Who’s new season leaking on the web. The commercial arm of the BBC has said that disciplinary actions will be taken.

BBC Worldwide first apologized earlier this month and urged anyone who had access to the scripts not to share them online. The company explained that the scripts were leaked through the newly opened Latin American headquarters in Miami. There, the scripts were supposed to be translated.

Now, the BBC is apologizing directly to the show’s creative team, which includes Sherlock’s Steven Moffat. The executive producer wrote the first, feature-length episode of the season.

“BBC Worldwide has taken this issue extremely seriously and disciplinary action has been implemented as a result of the incident,” Friday’s statement reads. “While there is still a risk that this leak will result in more of this content emerging, so far the impact has been contained.”

BBC Worldwide also thanked Who fans for not leaking or spoiling plot details for others on the web. The company sent “sincere” apologies to Moffat and “the cast and production team who toil long hours to make the show in Cardiff... and of course the fans who expect so much better.”

Who’s new season, which sees Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, will start in the U.K. on Aug 23. Screenings in London and Cardiff are scheduled for Aug. 7.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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