Beyonce and Jay Z's On The Run Tour causes surge in Houston parking cost

By Kabraun Dixon,

During Beyoncé’s hometown stop of the On The Run Tour in Houston, fans were hit with parking fee’s of $80. So, if you’re broke after paying for a Jay Z and Beyoncé ticket, take the bus.

KTRK reported that fans were hit with high parking rates for the concert. Parking prices ranged from $40 to $80. One fan said that she paid $60 for a parking ticket after purchasing a $400 dollar ticket.

"We are crazy for paying $50," a fan, Kmit Kumar, said, "but they are mad if they are paying $80."

The average ticket for an On the Run Tour is about $370, according to Clutch Magazine.

Add an $80 parking fee to it, the total is well over $400. The $400 dollars will give you average seats to see the biggest performer of the generation, Beyoncé, and the biggest rapper alive, who is also her husband, Jay Z. You will get a little over 40 of their biggest hits including some together.

Lastly, you can say that you were a part of the second-most successful tour of all time. Is it worth it? Maybe; it all depends where you land on the fan-o-meter. If your not that crazy about, you can wait to the tour come to HBO in September.

image by INFphoto.com



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