‘Big Brother 16’ Episode 4 Recap

By Chris Howcroft,

We begin day six in the Big Brother house where Brittany and Victoria celebrate winning The Battle of the Block competition and coming off the nomination block. Caleb is happy that he is still HOH and that his nominations are staying the same. Donny is upset that he has to compete against his best friend in the house, Paola. Caleb and Devin are celebrating in the HOH with Frankie, they are very happy that Danny and Paola are on the block. They all see Donny as the bigger target. Donny gets very emotional with Devin while talking about how much he cares about these people, not just the game. Nicole and Christine are having problems sleeping in the fire room because Nicole is convinced that a ghost is in the fire room. Interesting.

The current plan seems to be leaning towards evicting Donny. Caleb and Devin have many theories about Donny. They feel that he has not told them the whole truth and that he could be ex-military. Frankie reveals in the diary room that he thinks Devin is losing his mind again with another crazy theory. Later that night, Devin and Donny are talking in their room and Devin asks Donny to be honest about if he was in the military or not. Donny says no and hopes that Devin trusts him because Devin is all Donny has in the game. The houseguests come inside and see that Caleb has to name the first four “have-nots” of the summer. The have-nots sleep in an isolated room with terrible conditions, take cold showers and have to eat slop for a week. Joey, Hayden, Brittany and Cody all volunteer to be have-nots.

Joey pulls Amber, Paola and Brittany aside and is convinced about the all-guy alliance. Joey is trying to keep starting the ‘El Cuatro’ alliance but is not having much success. Amber reveals in the diary room that her loyalty is to ‘The Bomb Squad’. Derrick notices the girls talking and goes to the HOH room and tells Caleb and Devin that the girls are up to something. Amber later reveals that Joey is the one trying to organize the all-girl alliance. Joey feels like everyone knows what she was trying to do. She feels like an outsider. She reveals to Devin that she was the one trying to start the alliance. She hopes her honesty will save her this week.

The first Power of Veto competition of the summer is next. Six people play in the Veto: the HOH Caleb and the nominees Paola and Donny. Three people are picked randomly to play. Victoria, Zach and Cody are selected to play in the POV. The POV competition is called Miami Lice. The HG have to jump in a huge tub of water and find lice. Each lice has a letter on it and the object is to spell the longest word correctly. Donny wins the POV this week after spelling the world “Splitters” correctly. Caleb is now debating who he is going to put on the block now. Caleb feels it is the time to take out Joey, since she was trying to create an all-girl alliance. Joey is fearful of nomination, so she goes to talk with Caleb, hoping to safe herself this week.

The first Veto meeting of the summer has Donny use the veto to save himself from the nomination block. Caleb nominates Joey as the replacement nominee. Caleb says he is doing what he feels the house wants. Paola feels like she has a good chance being up next to Joey. Caleb feels that Joey will be leaving this week, while Joey is crushed that she is nominated, but refuses to give up. Who will be evicted from the Big Brother house…Paola or Joey?



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