‘Big Brother 16’ Episode 5 Recap: “First eviction of the summer”

By Chris Howcroft,

Host Julie Chen welcomed viewers to the live show. She said that fans are saying Joey’s decision to reveal her intentions with the all-girl alliance is one of the worst decisions in Big Brother history. We see a video from right after the veto meeting where Caleb hopes Joey does not take his decision personally. Later, Paola and Caleb are talking and Caleb is telling Paola that she is safe this week. Joey realizes that she needs to campaign for votes this week and talks with all of the houseguests. She talks with several houseguests, and Zach is the one to reveal to her that the house is probably going to all vote one way. Meanwhile, Devin is going around the house telling everyone that the vote needs to be unanimous, to make everything smooth for next week.

Joey decides that drastic measures are needed. She goes on a rant around the house, dressed like “Alex,” her male alter ego. She goes all around the house, talking about how everyone should vote how they want and go against the “power” in the house. I understand the point she was making, but I don’t think she really helped her situation very much. We will find out very soon. Caleb has been crushing on Amber since day one and he finally tells her in the HOH room. It becomes awkward when she does not feel the same way, but Caleb vows to not give up on his crush so soon.

Julie brings us back for the first live vote and eviction of the summer. In a final speech to sway the houseguests, Joey says that the HG should keep her because she is a strong player and could be a good ally to have. Paola hopes that the HG keep her because she has so much fight left in her and she hopes they want to keep her positive energy. One by one, everyone in the house goes into the diary room to cast their vote to evict. In a unanimous 13-0 vote, Joey is the first houseguest evicted this season. Joey says goodbye to everyone and exits the house. The remaining houseguests stand by the wall where their keys hang and wait for her picture to fade to black and white.

Julie talks with Joey moments after her eviction and Joey said she was shocked that it was a unanimous vote. She said it might have been too early in the game to form a major alliance. Joey says it is hard being evicted, but it’s even harder being inside the Big Brother house. Julie asks her why she revealed about her plan to start the all-girl alliance. She feels that idea definitely backfired. Joey watches her goodbye messages with mixed reactions. We get ready for the HOH competition where for the first ever the men will be competing against the women for HOH.

The HOH competition is being played in two parts for BB “Greek Week." The women will be competing in the first HOH competition while the men will play in the second competition and will become the second HOH of the week. The competition is called “BB Rager." The object is to transfer kegs from the side of the yard over to the front of the “frat house” while balancing across a balance beam. The first person to transfer all their kegs wins HOH. Amber wins the competition very convincingly and is the first HOH of the week. The second HOH competition featuring the men was won by Cody, and he is the second HOH of the week. They actually go back and review the tape of the competition and see that Cody actually fell off his beam before buzzing in and was eliminated, which means the runner-up Devin is actually the second HOH of the week.

We also find out that Donny has been chosen to be part of the TeamAmerica alliance. Donny is very excited to be a member of TeamAmerica. What will happen now that ‘The Bomb Squad’ alliance has the power again this week? Who will they target this week? Find out this Sunday night!



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