‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: “Backdoor is the only door”

By Chris Howcroft,

I’m doing something different for this recap. Instead of describing the events of the episode in chronological order, I am going to talk about each houseguest individually on what they did on the episode and my opinion of them.

-Amber: She is nominated for eviction by Nicole. She wins the BOTB comp. along with Donny. She is no longer nominated. I think she actually thinks Caleb is crazy for volunteering himself for nomination.

-Brittany: It was a pretty quiet episode for her. She found out from Donny about the house plan to get rid of Devin. I’m just glad she is not nominated this week.

-Caleb: He was one of Devin’s closest friends in the house but now sees that he is causing trouble and needs to be evicted. He is on board with Derrick’s plan to backdoor Devin, even volunteering himself to be nominated in order to throw the BOTB comp. and saving Amber, one of Nicole’s potential nominees. He is nominated by Derrick along with Jocasta. I give him credit; it is very risky to volunteer yourself for nomination. He does a great job of throwing the competition. He remains on the block next to Jocasta, with intentions of winning the veto. I’m really starting to like him.

-Christine: She reveals to her closet ally Nicole about the ‘Bomb Squad’ alliance. She promises Nicole that no one knows about their alliance with Hayden. I like her personality, I think she has potential to go far in this game.

-Cody: We didn’t hear anything from him tonight. I like him, so it’s good that he is keeping a target off his back.

-Derrick: He is very excited to be one of the HOH’s this week. It is bittersweet for him to see artwork from his daughter, but it also reminds him why he is playing this game. Derrick forms a plan with the other HOH Nicole about how to backdoor Devin. He will nominate Caleb and he will throw the BOTB competition to keep Derrick as the HOH. He nominates Jocasta and Caleb for eviction. I’m a big fan of Derrick and I like his plan for getting Devin out this week.

-Devin: He knows that he is probably a major target this week. We see flashbacks from before last week’s eviction where he revealed to Brittany, Jocasta and Donny about the ‘Bomb Squad’ alliance. He is hoping that his honesty will help him form some allies. Devin is completely aware of the intention to ‘backdoor’ him. He talks with Derrick in the HOH room, hoping to maybe sway Derrick. Devin is all over the place and his only hope of saving himself this week is if he gets chosen to play in the POV competition.

-Donny: He gives Nicole advice about what to do for her nominations. He then makes the mistake of telling other HG about the plan, mainly about Caleb throwing the BOTB competition. This results in him being nominated. He seems to be slightly stirring things up which could turn out badly for him later on. Donny forgives Nicole for nominating him. He wins the BOTB and takes himself off the nomination block.

-Frankie: A quiet night from Frankie, with the exception of TeamAmerica. He wants to keep it secret that his sister is Ariana Grande.

-Hayden: He goes on his “first date” with Nicole. I will admit I do like their “showmance."

-Jocasta: She is nominated by Derrick along with Caleb. She loses the BOTB competition and remains on the nomination block next to Caleb. I’m not a fan of her so far, think she is definitely a “floater."

-Nicole: She is happy to win HOH, but thinks it might have been to early because she didn’t want to get any “blood on her hands” or become a target after this week. She is on board with Derrick’s plan to backdoor Devin. She nominates Amber and Donny for eviction. She feels bad for nominating Donny, hopes she hasn’t created a huge target for herself. She talks with Donny and is crushed for nominating him. She is dethroned as HOH this week and “disappears” at the end of the episode.

-Victoria: She literally has done nothing in this game. I mean nothing. She talked with Frankie? She is the clear definition of a “floater."

-Zach: He is ecstatic that he survived being on the block this week. Oh, and he still hates Devin.

-TeamAmerica: The first mission assigned to the boys is to get 3 HG to believe a rumor that someone in the house is related to a past houseguest. They come up with the idea of saying that Zach is the cousin of Amanda from BB15.

It was a decent episode and it seems that the entire house is onboard with the plan to backdoor Devin. Who will win the Power of Veto? Find out this Wednesday night!



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