‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: “Beast Mode Cowboy is back, Redneck Veto and an Exciting POV Meeting”

By Chris Howcroft,

We are post BOTB competition and it seems that “Zankie” are still wanting to “backdoor” Amber this week. Nicole and Christine are very happy they won BOTB and are safe this week. Victoria is very upset she lost, which she blames on Jocasta. Jocasta says they shouldn't “cry over spilled milk” and keep fighting. I still don’t like Jocasta. In the HOH room, Zach is sitting with Cody and Frankie and decides he hasn’t aggravated enough people today. He goes and sits in the living room with Nicole and Christine and offers them food, even though he knows they are Have-Nots for the week. Zach keeps getting on people’s bad sides and that will not work for him later in the game. Frankie has said that if the entire house wanted Zach gone, he would have that conversation. He is working with Zach so wants him to “mend fences” with people, but also needs him to have an argument at the POV meeting so he can accomplish his mission for TeamAmerica.

Nicole’s time wearing a “Germatard” is over. She gives the most awkward striptease ever. Hayden and Nicole have a great “showmance” and Nicole even showed a little jealously when Hayden was talking with Victoria. Hayden told her that he was telling Victoria not to be sad and focus on the POV. Hayden thinks they could have Victoria has an ally later on in the game. Derrick received some sad news that his grandfather passed away. The house was very supportive for Derrick and I really like him and was sad to here about his grandfather. Caleb and Amber had their very awkward date and it seems that Caleb is finally over Amber. Caleb can’t even stand looking at Amber anymore. He needs to distance himself from Amber if he wants to further his game. Zach says if he was gay, Frankie would be his man. Frankie’s comments in the Diary Room are priceless.

Amber literally has no idea that she is the target to be “backdoored” this week. Frankie comments that his plan for this week is coming together very nicely. HOH Frankie, nominees Jocasta and Victoria, Donny, Hayden and Christine are playing in this POV competition. The POV competition is a Western theme competition where the six players have to rock back and forth on their horses 60 times, they have 30 seconds to jump off and stack their golden bars on their horseshoes. The first person to do this wins the POV. My early prediction could be Frankie winning this competition, but who knows. Seriously, did I mention that I don’t like Jocasta? Hayden wants to win this to prove that he is a competitor in this game. Christine wants the nominations to stay the same. Frankie is dominating this competition and Jocasta takes a slop pass for a week to stay in the game.

My favorite to win this comp. Frankie had all of his bars fall over. Christine really wants to win to possibly shake up this game. It is coming down to Hayden and Christine…and Christine thought she had won but she had bars on the ground and Hayden comes through in the end to win the POV! Hayden tells members of ‘The Detonators” that he is using the Veto on Victoria and that Frankie will tell the plan to evict Amber to Caleb. Zach keeps throwing gas in the Amber/Caleb situation which leads Caleb to talking with Frankie in the HOH room about putting up Amber, just to scare her. The ironic part is that is the plan, except everyone is wanting to evict her. It still blows my mind that Caleb has no idea of ‘The Detonators’ alliance. It looks like two people are going to be completely blindsided this week. TeamAmericas has a quick meeting telling Derrick and Donny that he wants Zach to argue with Amber at the POV meeting.

The POV ceremony was an exciting one. Hayden keeps his word and uses the POV to save Victoria. Frankie plays the part beautifully and nominates Amber as his replacement nominee! Then Zach jumps up and gives his speech, defending Caleb and telling Amber that she is right where she belongs and that she is going home this week. Amber did not respond, which means that TeamAmerica did not accomplish their mission. It is looking like Amber is going to be evicted this week…but with Big Brother you never really know what is happening. Also, I’m not a big fan of Zach, but he definitely causes some excitement in the house. Who will be evicted next from the house…Amber or Jocasta?



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