'Big Brother' 16 Recap: 'The Bomb Squad is dead…The Detonators are born'

By Chris Howcroft,

We begin Sunday’s episode where we left off on Thursday night: during the HOH competition. This competition is all about patience and concentration.

- Amber is very upset knowing that she is going to be nominated, especially because Frankie is the one who nominated her. She thinks that the girls should start working together to get some of the guys out of the house. She wins the BOTB comp. along with Jocasta. She is definitely a physical threat in the house.

- Brittany is upset because she feels that the ‘Bomb Squad’ alliance is still somewhat working together, and considers herself the "old girl" of the house. Knowing that Cody nominated her makes her furious, as well as slightly defeated. I liked her in the beginning but now I’m starting to not be her fan.

- Caleb is insanely jealous of Amber and Cody’s friendship, even though he claims that he is done with Amber. I could see him being a potential target for being backdoored this week after the POV comp.

- Christine is ecstatic to be apart of the new alliance ‘The Detonators.' I think she is playing an excellent game so far. She is in a solid alliance with ‘The Detonators’ and she has a good relationship with the other people in the house.

- Cody wins the HOH competition along with Frankie. He is a member of ‘The Detonators’ and apparently has a man crush on Zach Efron. When Brittany assumes she knows who he will nominate, he gets offended. He nominates Brittany and Victoria for eviction and remains the sole HOH for the week. Cody is one of my favorite people in the house.

- Derrick is a member of ‘The Detonators’ alliance. He has some strong allies in the house and I think he is staying smart and focused and is going to go far in this game.

- Donny: “I never feel safe in this house.” He can feel safe knowing that he is not nominated this week. Things do change by the minute in the house though…

- Frankie is the winner of the HOH competition along with Cody. In an interesting twist, his family did not send a picture that would reveal that his sister is Ariana Grande, which is a relief. He is dethroned from being HOH after his nominees lost the BOTB. He should be safe considering he is in an alliance with Cody.

- Hayden's man crush is Leonardo DiCaprio. That was pretty much all we got from him this episode.

- Jocasta is nominated for eviction by Frankie. She wins the BOTB comp. and comes off the nomination block. I really do not like her.

- Nicole: Nothing really from her this episode. She still cuddles with Hayden. They are the only couple or “showmance” in the house.

- Victoria is apparently the person no one in the house wants to sleep with because of her being “high maintenance.” She was nominated by Cody, which upsets and frustrates her. She remains on the nomination block with Brittany. I honestly don’t see her as the target this week.

- Zach forms a new alliance called ‘The Detonators’ with Frankie, Cody, Christine and Derrick. He is definitely a character. I would see him being evicted soon, but considering this new alliance, he might make it farther than I predicted.

- TeamAmerica: Frankie receives word about their next mission: He informs the other members that they must get a physical threat in the house on the nomination block. They meet together and decide that Amber is the girl they are potentially going to nominate. They accomplish their mission with Amber going on the nomination block.

This was a good episode that showed a strong new alliance in the house that has the potential to go far in the game. Who will win the Power of Veto? We will find out Wednesday night!

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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