‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: “The first power player of the season is evicted”

By Chris Howcroft,

Julie Chen welcomes us to the live show where tonight either Devin or Caleb will be evicted from the Big Brother house. We go back to right after the veto meeting where Donny said taking Jocasta off the block was a “no-brainer.” Caleb hopes that his move to volunteer himself on the nomination block doesn’t backfire on him. Caleb talks with Hayden at night about how much he likes Amber and how much he has done for her. The next day Cody and Donny are outside talking and contemplating the idea of evicting Caleb over Devin while they have a chance. Cody is growing tired of Caleb’s jealous ways. He talks outside with Zach how every time he is alone with Amber, Caleb is always lurking nearby. Cody is having issues with Caleb, but Hayden and Nicole are gotten closer and it seems were possibly going to have their first kiss before being interrupted by Victoria.

Devin and Cody talk outside and Cody has gained a great deal of respect for Devin. Later, Cody and Zach talk and it seems that the idea of Caleb could become a reality. Zach talks with Frankie and it starts spreading the house all the way up to HOH Derrick. He even realizes that they could take out Caleb, because if Devin stays he will have a bigger target on his back. I will say I’m surprised how the idea to evict Caleb is becoming more relevant and honestly at this point I have no idea who is going to be evicted. It seems it could be Caleb, but with you can never really tell with Big Brother.

Big Brother legend Jeff Schroeder goes to visit Donny’s family to get an inside look on the groundskeeper’s background. His parents admit that they don’t watch the show because it comes on too late. Donny’s family laughs because they say Donny has them fooled about the military. They believe Donny will stay strong through the game and when it’s over, he will be ready to get back to his usual routine. Julie talks with the HG and tells them that next week we will not have any “have-nots”. Julie then tells the audience that what they don’t know is that the “have-nots” for the week will be selected based on how active or lazy they are. You can check this out by going to the Big Brother activity tracker.

The live eviction begins with Caleb and Devin giving their speeches as a last plea to save themselves. Caleb says that they are both “beast competitors” and it’s up to the HG to decide. Devin throws Caleb under the bus saying that he made a final two deal with Amber and that he admits his faults and if he stays, he is willing to work with anyone. It seems Devin’s plea didn’t help him at all because with an unanimous 11-0 vote, Devin is evicted from the house. The house is very happy that Devin is no longer there. Devin talks with Julie and realizes that he played the game too hard too early. Devin is shocked to find out that Donny is actually a groundskeeper.

The HOH competition begins with everyone pairing up, with the winning duo the HOH’s for the week. The teams are Victoria and Christine, Caleb and Nicole, Brittany and Jocasta, Amber and Zach, Donny and Hayden and the final team is Cody and Frankie. The competition is called “deviled eggs.” Each team works together to maneuver their eggs across the course and into the slots on the other side. The first team to place all 12 eggs in their slots will be the HOH’s for the week. This competition requires concentration, patience and teamwork.

While the HOH competition is going on, we find out that the TeamAmerica alliance has been given their next secret mission. The mission is that they have to get someone on the block who is a physical threat. We end the episode watching the HOH competition and we will find out this Sunday night who won and are the new HOH’s! I’m personally pulling for the team of Cody and Frankie!



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