‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: Outspoken Arguments and who was the second houseguest evicted?

By Chris Howcroft,

Julie Chen welcomes us to another live show where tonight either Paola or Zack will be evicted.

We are shown the utter chaos and explosion that went down after the Power of Veto meeting. Brittany starts by saying she called out Paola for lying because she knew she was gonna throw the POV competition because she didn’t have her glasses with her.

Paola then responds with attacking Devin, blaming her for what happened, saying that she didn’t throw the POV competition at all. This leads to an argument between Devin and Paola with the entire house watching, looking shocked. Then, Zach stands up and speaks his mind, calling out Devin saying that he is a liar and now he is coming after Devin. He also mentioned several people’s names in questioning their trust. I will say that veto meeting was exciting, it will be interesting to see if Zach’s speech helped him or hurt him.

Zach and Frankie talk and Frankie is pissed that Zach mentioned him by name. Frankie feels that now the rest of the house can’t trust him and hopes that Zach didn’t do serious damage.

The arguments continue outside when Paola asks Zach why people are going to vote to keep him over her. Paola and Zach begin to argue about who is trustworthy and they go back and forth trading insults. Zach consistently calls Paola a liar and it makes Derrick and Amber very awkward. In the HOH room, Devin and Caleb are discussing who to bring into the ‘Bomb Squad’ since Zach is out. Devin discusses bringing Hayden into the alliance. Devin talks with Hayden in the HOH room and asks if he wants to join the alliance. Hayden says yes, with his obvious intention to ruin the alliance later on.

Zach goes on damage control hoping that the HG will vote to keep him this week. The Team America alliance of Donny, Derrick and Frankie are out talking in the hammock about who they should vote out this week. They seem to be weighing their options. Derrick talks with Caleb and says they should play it safe this week and vote out Paola.

Derrick planted the seed with Caleb and this should lead to Paola being evicted. Frankie goes to talk to Devin about the plan and he doesn’t seem to be onboard with the plan. He claims to be playing this game on his own and "leaving the squad." We will see what really happens from this claim.

Julie tells everyone that it is time for the live vote and eviction. Both nominees give their speeches and Zach once against insists that Devin is his target and that they should keep him.

The HG all vote one by one and with a 10-2 vote, Paola is the second houseguest evicted from the Big Brother house. She leaves the house while the remaining HG watch her picture fade to black and white. Paola talks with Julie and said she blames Devin for her eviction. Paola says she is rooting for Donny and Jocasta to win the game.

We go to the backyard for the HOH competitions. The competition is called "underwater polo." Each HG will hit a polo ball down a ramp and try to hit it into slots number 1 through 29. The two players with the highest scores will be the next two HOH’s. This competition seems to be all about chance and luck and hoping you get your ball in the highest numbered slot. Nicole scores a 29 and Derrick scores a 28, which means they are the two new HOH’s. I like both of these people, so I’m ok with them being in power this week.

It will be interesting to see what happens with ‘The Bomb Squad’ and who will be the next houseguests nominated for eviction? We will find out this Sunday night!

image courtesy of ACE/INFphoto.com



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