Big Brother 16’ Recap: 'A turtle suit, a jealous cowboy and Vegas style veto'

By Chris Howcroft,

We begin this episode right after the BOTB competition in which Nicole reappears wearing a frog costume that she has to wear for a week. Devin is aware that the entire house is against him and his only hope is the POV competition. Amber and Donny are happy to be off the block and Jocasta is feeling very sick after the BOTB comp. Caleb talks with Amber and tells her that he threw the BOTB comp. Amber feels like Caleb did this hoping it would change her mind about him, which unfortunately for Caleb is not happening. In the living room Amber and Cody have become close friends and are talking outside when a very jealous Caleb walks by. Amber is getting annoyed with this Caleb situation.

Outside the HOH room Caleb pulls Cody aside and asks him if anything is going on with him and Amber. Cody reassures him that nothing is going on. In the HOH room Derrick and Cody talk about the plan if Devin wins the POV and takes himself off the block. Cody mentions the idea of evicting Caleb, since this could be one of the only times to evict him.

The TeamAmerica alliance completes their mission by convincing three people that Zach is the cousin of Amanda Zuckerman from Big Brother 15. They convince Nicole, Christine, Caleb and Amber. Zach goes downstairs and decides he is going to mess with the rest of the house with this. Jocasta is still very sick and will not play in the POV comp. The participants are Derrick, Caleb, Christine, Donny and….Devin! Devin is given one last chance to save himself in this game. Derrick tries to figure out what Donny’s move would be if he wins POV. Donny is keeping his cards close to his chest.

This is going to be the most intense POV comp so far this season. Derrick wants to complete his backdoor plan, Caleb wants to save himself from the block and Devin is fighting for his life in the house. The POV comp is called “tumblin dice.” You spin the wheel and get inside your dice and roll the dice around and try to be the first one to return with the same number. Round 1 sees Devin eliminate Christine. Devin keeps it rolling in round 2 by eliminating Derrick. Donny does what the entire house is hoping for….eliminates Devin from the POV comp. Caleb and Donny square off in the final round. Donny beats Caleb to win the POV this week. Jocasta is still sick but is extremely relieved to find out that Donny won POV this week. At this point Devin feels defeated and very upset.

The POV meeting goes as excepted as Donny uses the POV to remove Jocasta from the nomination block. Derrick follows through with his backdoor plan and nominates Devin for eviction. Devin hopes for a miracle and realizes that this is Big Brother and that anything can happen. It is very interesting to have two major targets on the block. Also, Jocasta is always crying! Who will be evicted this week…Devin or Caleb?



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