‘Big Brother 16’ Recap: 'Zankie' is in power, ‘The Hitmen’ are born and the three second wedding cake

By Chris Howcroft,

Sunday night's episode was about who Frankie and Zach nominated for eviction. We also find out who comes off the nomination block with the Battle of the Block competition.

Amber is afraid she might be nominated but is relieved when she is safe from the block. She goes on a “date” with Caleb after he eats a pickle, but is completely uninterested. She doesn’t think he is aware that she isn’t interested in him, just like she is unaware that she is a potential candidate to get backdoored this week.

Caleb is blinded by summer love. He goes on a “date” with Amber, which he thinks means more than it actually does. He can’t accept that Amber isn’t into him, and he also has no idea that an alliance has formed without him.

Christine was not on board with Zach’s plan to nominate her and throw the BOTB. She ended up being nominated by Zach anyway, but comes off the block by winning the BOTB. She was called a “floater” by Zach, but I think she is smart and has potential to go very far in this game.

Cody is coming off his HOH week, he does not agree with the “power trip” Zach was on as HOH. He also forms a final two deal with Derrick called “The Hitmen.” I’m all about this final two deal. I hope they make it.

Derrick threw the HOH comp. for Frankie. He hopes that Zach will stay true to the alliance. He is playing one of the best games in the house right now and the final two deal, “The Hitmen,” he made with Cody is another smart move for him.

Donny hopes not to be nominated for a fourth time. His wish is granted when he is not nominated this week. It looks like this groundskeeper is going to make it through another week in the house.

Frankie is still very emotional after winning HOH. He agrees with Zach that Amber is their target for the week. In order to keep the plan to backdoor Amber in effect, he nominates Jocasta and Victoria for eviction and says it is 100 percent strategic. He remains the sole HOH after his nominees do not win the BOTB comp.

Hayden was very quiet and not relevant tonight. The only involvement from him was the surprising look on his face after the speech at the Nomination Ceremony.

Jocasta suspects something going on in the house and thinks she could be nominated again. She was correct, as she was nominated next to Victoria. She did not win BOTB and remains a nominee. She tried hard in the BOTB but Victoria did not listen to her. I’m still not a fan of her but she is fighting harder than Victoria is.

Nicole was called a “fruit loop dingus” by Zach as she was nominated next to Christine. She was very confused/upset by this comment. She stayed focused and won the BOTB with Christine, removing herself from the block. I’m okay with that, she earned it.

Victoria is the one I consider a “floater” but it looks like she will stay for another week considering that the HOH has bigger targets in mind this week.

Zach decides his target for the week is Amber because he heard that she is wanting to get some of the guys out of the house. This guy went crazy on a power trip, nominating Christine and Nicole for eviction, but ultimately was dethroned as HOH after his nominees lost the BOTB. I think his HOH reign may have done some serious damage to his game. It even sounds like he could be a potential backdoor nominee for this week?

TeamAmerica Their mission for the week is to play “puppet master” and get two HG to have a heated argument at either the nomination ceremony or the veto meeting. Derrick and Frankie have an idea of getting Zach to argue with Christine because Zach wants to make a “big speech” and specifically pick on Christine by calling her a “floater.” They didn’t accomplish this at veto meeting, but they have another shot at the POV meeting.

It was a very exciting episode tonight. Some thoughts/comments:

-Zach was definitely all over the place and could have seriously jeopardized his game. Also, I thought he was a UF graduate and fan, yet he was wearing an FSU hat tonight?

-The date between Amber and Caleb was extremely awkward. Did Caleb not see how bored Amber was? Did he not notice her looking over at Cody playing pool? She is going to be the downfall of Caleb’s game if he doesn’t get over his “summer crush.”

-I felt really bad for Nicole after the Nomination Ceremony. She is one of the sweetest people in the house and did not deserve the verbal attack she got from Zach. She could be instrumental in possibly getting the house to flip and try to backdoor Zach this week.

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will the nominations change again? Find out this Wednesday night!

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