Biologists' cameras capture rare wolverine sighting in Utah

By Michelle Kapusta,

Wildlife biologists in Utah captured a very rare sighting of a wolverine on camera in a remote area of the Uinta Mountains.

KSL noted that biologists said the elusive animal has not been seen in the state for more than 30 years and its image has never been photographed in Utah.

The rare find and visual treat was documented in 27 photos taken back in February.

FOX 13 reported that the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the U.S. Forest Service set up trial cameras last January to capture images of nocturnal carnivores in the forest.

The biologist collected the footage in the spring and started to sift through it all. The last pieces of film revealed the photos of the wolverine.

The greatest number of wolverines are commonly found in Canada and Alaska. However, the DWR said that there are approximately 250 to 300 living in the Northern Rocky Mountains of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming and the North Cascades in Washington.

It is not certain if the mammal caught on camera is a permanent resident of Utah.

image via Twitter from fox13now



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