Bird hit with baseball in minor league game (Video)

By Michelle Kapusta,

In something reminiscent of what Randy Johnson did 13 years ago, a minor league pitcher hit a bird with a baseball during a game on Sunday.

According to the Indianapolis Star, West Michigan Whitecaps pitcher Jon Maciel accidentally struck the bird as it came flying in front of home plate.

Although it is hard to make out in the video at first, a replay clearly shows a bird fly in front of the batter for the Fort Wayne TinCaps that Maciel is trying to get out.

The announcers even seemed confused initially as they asked on air “Is that a bird?”

Even though the avian was struck with an 83 mph pitch, the broadcasters tried to be optimistic and said that hopefully the bird was OK. Then they pointed out how the incident immediately brought back memories of when Johnson hit a dove with a ball during a spring training game.

The Big Unit’s pitch appeared as though it vaporized the bird on contact and left only feathers on the field.

Later, Maciel took to social media to express his condolences for the bird he hit, writing on Twitter, "RIP." Wonder if Johnson would've done the same if Twitter was around back then.



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