Body of 3-year-old girl found dead, buried in backyard

By Melissa Barclay,

A 3-year-old girl’s body was found buried in the backyard of a Thatcher, Arizona, home.

According to the Associated Press, the young girl is believed to be the sister of two young boys who were left alone in a motel last month.

An investigation was launched after the two boys were found.

Joshua Matthew Cisneros, the boyfriend of the boys’ mother, Anna Marie Sanchez, was being checked on by his probation officer at motel room where the two young boys were found, reported KGUN-TV.

Cisneros was missing at the time, but the boys, aged 11 and 6, were found.

On July 2, a missing person report from the Arizona Department of Child Safety started the investigation for the missing girl.

Thatcher police learned that the young girl found had been missing for two years.

Their investigation led them to a backyard where the child was buried. After
6-8 hours of digging, the body was uncovered.

Cisneros and Sanchez are both under investigation and are currently in custody at the Graham County Jail for other charges.



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