Bose sues Beats over alleged use of its patented noise cancelling product

By Angelica Stephens,

Bose has filed a lawsuit against Beats, the headphones company that was bought by Apple, due to Bose's accusation that Beats used their patented noise cancellation technology in the new line of Beats studio headphones.

According to PC Mag, Bose claims that the technology used in the Beats headphones is too similar to the technology used in the Bose QuietComfort 20 and QuietComfort 20i headphones, and has decided to take action. On Friday, Bose contacted the International Trade Commission asking that they stop shipping headphones that use the patent material.

Bose also stated that the company has dedicated 50 years of intensive research to design their ANR noise cancellation technology and that the technology used in the new Beats headphones violates 36 of their patents, Tech Crunch noted.

At this time it is unknown if Apple will fight the suit or settle. Should Bose win, Apple will need to pay Bose for all the headphones they sold with the patented technology as well as reimburse the company for all court fees.



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