Brazil blames World Cup loss on Mick Jagger

By Michelle Kapusta,

After getting blown out by Germany 7-1, fans in the World Cup host country are looking to blame someone for getting knocked out of the semifinals … so they chose Mick Jagger.

Yes, according to USA Today, the Rolling Stones front man has been blamed by some for Tuesday’s crushing defeat. He has even been dubbed "pe frio" by Brazil’s football fans, which literally means "cold foot" and is a term for bad luck.

Yahoo! Sports noted that Jagger has had a reputation with Brazilians since the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The team’s fans concluded then that they were eliminated because he was at the game.

He also attended what turned out to be elimination games for England and the U.S. that year.

So four years later, fans did not want his support or for him to attend any games, especially given his track record this year.

During a concert in Rome, he said that Italy would beat Uruguay to reach the knockout stage. Italy lost and was eliminated. Then, at a show in Lisbon, he predicted that Portugal would win the tournament. Portugal went out in the group stage as well. And when England played Uruguay, he tweeted that his home country would win that match. England lost and did not make it to the knockout stage either.

Sure the lopsided loss on Tuesday could be blamed on something other than the legendary rocker, like the absence of Neymar or Thiago Silva or, um ... Germany. But it seems that some fans have made up their minds and believe in the Mick Jagger curse, which may mean that the Stones won’t be booking shows in Brazil anytime soon.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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