Britney Spears, boyfriend David Lucado walk out on Cheesecake Factory lunch bill

By Gina DiFalco,

Britney Spears reportedly walked out on her lunch bill at the Cheesecake Factory in Thousand Oaks, Calif. on Sunday but later made up for it in a big way.

There was apparently a misunderstanding between the “Alien” singer and her bodyguard, who both thought the other paid the $30 bill, so the waitress was stuck with the check.

However, when Spears realized the check was never paid, she not only paid it but also gave a $100 tip.

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According to TMZ, sources close to the pop star say she felt terrible about the whole situation and wanted to make it right.

Spears was on the lunch date with her boyfriend, David Lucado, who were photographed leaving with to-go bags that day, Page Six reports.

Spears has previously opened up about her relationship with Lucado, saying, “I like the fact that [Lucado is] very stubborn and he's stuck in his ways. He's just a simple man. I adore him. He's really funny and he's really passionate. I love the fact that anything he's involved in he's passionate about and it's contagious.”

image via INFphoto.com



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