California to impose $500 daily fines on water wasters

By Michelle Kapusta,

In an effort to get its residents to take the crippling drought seriously, California regulators will impose a $500 fine a day on water wasters.

CBS News reported that state regulators voted on Tuesday to approve the hefty fines for anyone who wastes water on their lawns or by washing their cars.

The current drought is the worst California has seen in decades and drastic measures had to be taken in case the state receives little or no rain this winter.

The Associated Press noted that the State Water Resources Control Board Chairwoman Felicia Marcus spoke about the decision after the 4-0 vote.

"We're all in this together," she said. "We're taking the prudent step of taking action as if it's not going to rain for more years, because we know that's possible."

Water consumption by California’s residents actually rose by 1 percent in May, so if the fines do not work, regulators will have to really get creative with what to do about the problem.

The fines will be given to violators starting in August.



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