Carolina Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams gives up plane seat to Marine

By Greta Heggeness,

With DeAngelo Williams’ most recent social media post, the football star showed a side that many fans are not used to seeing.

The Carolina Panthers running back posted a photo to his Facebook and Twitter accounts of, what he believed to be, a marine. He implied that he would be giving up his first class plane ticket so the man in uniform could fly comfortably.

Williams posted a split picture of the marine and his ticket, admitting he had given his seat up to the marine and was waiting for him to realize he would now be sitting in the front of the plane, says Bleacher Report

While the gesture does seem genuine, there are quite a few people commenting on Williams’ social media posts, claiming the man is not a marine due to technicalities of his uniform, reports SB Nation.

Despite the confusion, Williams is still being applauded for his act of kindness because it is the thought that counts, right?

Image via Twitter from DeAngelo Williams



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