Casey Kasem's body is missing, daughter says, but wife denies it

By Daniel S Levine,

The public feud between Casey Kasem’s children and his second wife did not end with his death last month. In fact, his body still hasn’t been buried and now his daughter claims that the body is even missing.

It was reported earlier in the week that Kasem’s body remained in a Washington state morgue. However, on Friday, Kerri Kasem claimed to the NY Daily News that her father’s body is now out of the country. Jean Kasem, Kasem’s second wife, has custody of the body and Kerri says she took it to Canada.

“My stepmother is doing everything to keep my father's burial a secret so that none of his loved ones can visit,” Kerri told the Daily News. “She's just spiteful, malicious and vindictive.”

Jean has told ABC News that her late husband’s body is not missing. In addition, the Gaffney Mortuary in Washington state did say that the body is no longer with them.

While Jean may be trying to remain quiet on the subject, Kerri’s camp is not stopping. Kerri’s private investigator, Logan Clarke, spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and said he predicted that something like this would happen, considering the legal wrangling between Jean and Kerri that went on before Kasem’s death.

“Based on the evidence my team and I have been uncovering, I believe that [Jean] planned on disposing or hiding the body as quickly as possible to keep anyone from finding evidence of her elder abuse and other crimes,” Clarke told THR.

Before Kasem’s death at age 82, a judge had given Kerri care of her father and he was moved to a hospice.

image courtesy of Walter McBride/INFphoto.com



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