Celebrities and fans react to 'True Blood's' latest casualty on Twitter

By Elizabeth Learned,

WARNING: Spoiler Alert

There is nothing fans of television shows hate more than when a beloved character meets an unexpected, tragic end. Television shows are notorious for killing off characters, sometimes without fanfare while others are more monumental. The latter was the case on last night’s episode of True Blood when it ended with a sudden death that no one saw coming.

Last night on True Blood, Joe Manganiello’s character Alcide met with a tragic end after he was shot and killed while protecting Sookie. Since then, the Twitter reactions have been pouring in. Fans have had reactions ranging from horror to sadness, showing that Manganiello’s character will truly be missed.

The actor himself also retweeted some of the reactions, ranging from many die-hard True Blood fans to other famous faces, such as Anna Paquin (who plays Sookie). The reactions to his demise have come far and wide as fans mourn the loss of his character.

Photo Credit: Peter West/ACE/INFphoto.com

Joe tweeted a message to his co-workers and fans for five amazing years of working together.

Image via Twitter from Joe Manganiello

He retweeted some fan reactions to Alcide’s death as well.

Image via Twitter from Linda Anzures

Image via Twitter from Kevin Nash

Actress Anna Paquin also tweeted her shock at Alcide’s death.

Image via Twitter from Anna Paquin

Other fans tweeted their heartbreak over the death of the character.

Image via Twitter from Christy W

Image via Twitter from Michael Covelli

People magazine tweeted Alcide would not be the only one that would be missed.

Image via Twitter from People

Us Weekly called the season a “bloodbath.”

Image via Twitter from Us Weekly

One fan called for a moment of silence.

Image via Twitter from Amber

No one is over his death yet, and probably will never be, as other shows could attest (We’re looking at you Game of Thrones.)

Image via Twitter from Julio Serrano



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