Celebrity diet tricks: Which ones should we believe?

By Amanda Holtzer,

In today’s culture, we are constantly trying to stay fit. We abide by the mantra “thin is in.” Whether we’re seeking the infamous thigh gap, the flat stomach or Cameron Diaz’s killer arms, we are always trying to change our bodies so that they fit into the socially constructed ideal of beauty.

When it comes to losing weight, people are willing to go to great lengths. Think about all the bizarre diets you’ve heard of. We’ve been told to cheers with shots of vinegar before every meal. Yuck! We’ve heard of consuming cotton balls to make ourselves feel full. Huh? We’ve even seen people spend weeks consuming only liquids made of the oddest combinations of ingredients. What the heck?

Frankly, these diet tricks sound absurd. How do people live this way? Food is such a central part of our lives and our culture, how can one change the foods they consume so drastically? But when these diet tricks gain support from celebrities the game totally changes. No matter how bizarre the diet may seem, if we see Beyonce backing it up, we’re bound to believe it. While some of them are reasonable, effective tricks, many are simply irrational and ineffective.



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