Celebrity tweets: Monday, July 7

By Amanda Ostuni,
Teen Wolf, other TV shows dominate Twitter

Everybody loves to tweet about television shows. The fans—some celebrities, some not—love to sound off their reactions, the stars love to thank fans and drop some of their own thoughts about each episode. So it's no surprise that on Monday, Twitter was full of TV show-related tweets. Teen Wolf, The Bachelorette and Beauty and the Beast were some of the big social media frenzy shows of the night.

Those celebrities that weren't discussing hit shows were sharing photos, offering sage advice and interesting thoughts, doing some self promoting of their upcoming shows/films/appearances/etc, and posting a myriad of other kinds of tweets. Such is the beauty of social media outlets—celebrities and non celebrities alike across the globe getting to share whatever their heart desires with anybody whom so wishes to follow them. It's a nice way for fans and stars to connect—speaking of which, without further ado, here are the top 10 celebrity tweets of July 7.

These celebrities talked about MTV's hit show Teen Wolf:

Aaron Carter

Arden Cho (who stars on the show as Kira, a katana and nunchaku-wielding high school girl)

These stars tweeted about other shows:

Kristin Kreuk gave a shout out to fans of Beauty and the Beast, the show she stars in

Former Bachelorette contestant Chris Bukowski tweeted about this season's latest episode

These celebrities shared interesting photos:

Andy Richter

image via Twitter from Andy Richter

John Legere

These stars did some self promoting:

Seth Meyers

Buzz Aldrin

And these celebs shared some serious statements:

Paul Stanley

image via Twitter from Paul Stanley

Lena Dunham



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