The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has closed two labs due to improper safety measures

By Angelica Stephens,

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has temporarily closed two of its research labs due to improper handling of harmful diseases such as bird flu and anthrax.

According to Politico, workers at the Atlanta lab failed to inactivate anthrax last month before transporting it to another lab. No workers have reported being exposed to the disease; however, they did not follow the proper safety protocol when handling it. The CDC also found samples of small-pox that were 60 years old in an unused room about a week ago.

Another incident involving the bird flu occurred in May. In that case, a sample that contained the dangerous bird flu was transported to another lab before they discovered it, The Associated Press noted.

The two labs will remain closed until further notice. CDC director Tom Frieden is ashamed of the matter and stated that it never should have occurred in the first place.



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