'Chasing Life' Recap: 'Unplanned Parenthood'

By Christine M. Sellers,

On this week’s episode of Chasing Life, April visits a fertility clinic, Dominic receives an exciting new job offer, and Brenna makes a shocking decision about her love life.

April and Beth are sitting in the waiting room of the fertility clinic, filling out a sexual health/relationship questionnaire. A gay couple asks which one of them is going to be pregnant, so they jokingly play along. A few moments later, they visit with the doctor. She tells April her best option is Natural Cycle In Vitro and that it’ll take about 10 days. April expresses her interest in doing the Natural Cycle In Vitro, but there’s one catch. It costs $5,000 and her insurance won’t cover it, since it’s an “elective procedure.” Cue opening credits.

Following this, April arrives home. Brenna informs her that their grandma cooked dinner. Sara asks her to join, but April tries to bail. Sara asks April about her day, and while she is initially reluctant to share, she does tell everyone about her visit with the doctor. April explains how she’s elected to go with Natural Cycle In Vitro and that it will take about 10 days to have her eggs harvested. When she mentions the cost, everyone seems alarmed. In addition, Sara reminds April about chemo, to which she responds that she needs to get ready for her weekly cancer support group.

At cancer support group, April tells her peers that she was supposed to start chemo today, but saw a fertility doctor instead. She expresses her concerns about having kids. April feels that doing the In Vitro will give her some hope. She thinks that by making this step, she’s opening up “a lifeline to her future.” April then remarks that having cancer has changed her outlook on life, causing her to say things she normally wouldn’t. Everyone laughs as a female peer shares similar sentiments.

The conversation takes another serious turn as April seeks help in telling Dominic about her cancer. A few more people share their stories before Leo interjects, saying no matter how April decides to tell him, it will be hard. He does offer her some optimism, though, reminding her she’ll feel better when everything’s out in open and people show their true colors.

After the weekly cancer support group meeting, April catches up with Leo and tells him she’s considering writing a piece on the St. Christopher Society and the bad press it has recently attracted due to an issue with cyberbullying. Leo’s dad, gubernatorial candidate, Bruce Hendrie is on the board of the society, so April asks for Leo’s blessing. He gives it, though not without chiding her for continuing to work.

At the Boston Post, the writing staff is pitching their stories to Lawrence. Paul’s idea gets shot down, to which Raquel makes snarky comments, and Mallory’s idea about “sperm napping” surprisingly gets picked up. Last is April with her idea about the St. Christopher Society and its ties to Bruce Hendrie. Lawrence vetoes the idea, but then quickly changes his mind, volunteering Raquel to help supervise the piece. He says it could be April’s first solo byline.

Brenna meets up with Greer at school, though Greer isn’t very friendly. Brenna apologizes for what happened at Greer’s party and Greer brushes off her apology.

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