Chicago White Sox's Jose Abreu sets off his own fireworks on Independence Day

By Ricky Yandoli,

MLB slugger Jose Abreu sets off his own fireworks on Independence Day. The way Abreu celebrated his first Fourth of July in the United State was hitting home run number 27 of the season, which leads the majors. Abreu’s success as a rookie has Chicago manager Robin Ventura expressing how important he is as a batter in the middle of the lineup as opposed to being a lead off hitter.

"I wouldn't necessarily bat him leadoff, but other than that, any spot in the lineup would be a good one. But you want him to get up there more times than not with guys on base," said Ventura, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Not only does Abreu have impressive home run numbers, he has an 18 game hitting streak going for him. As the all-star game approaches, his name will be one of the main topics of discussion. However, Abreu did not even know he had a hitting streak going on. His interpreter spoke about Abreu’s father telling him the news.

"I wasn't even aware of it until my dad told me. He was like, 'You are getting hits.' I’m trying to do something to help every day, whether it’s an RBI [or] playing defensively. I’m trying to do something that helps the team. That’s my goal,” said Abreu, reports ESPN.

The baseball sensation from Cuba has impressed many people who watch the sport very closely. In just 73 games played, he is on pace to hit over 50 home runs this season, and to have well over 100 runs batted in.

When asked about the Fourth of July holiday, Abreu said through an interpreter, “It’s incredible. Sometimes I think I’m dreaming.”



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