Chinese baby with melon-sized tumor to get surgery

By Michelle Kapusta,

A 9-month-old baby in China is getting life-changing surgery to remove a tumor he was born with.

According to the Global Times, the infant was born with a tumor about the size of a fist near the base of his spine. The tumor continued to grow and doctors diagnosed it as a pediatric teratoma or germ cell tumor.

Local media called for donations as the baby’s mother abandoned him just a few days after his birth, leaving his 25-year-old father, You Shen, with the mounting medical bills.

“She was unhappy about the boy’s deformity but we were shocked that she just decided to abandon him – he is such a sweet child,” Shen’s mother said. “We spent all of the money we had on treatment and borrowed money as well. Went to many hospitals most of which were unable to help and all the time the tumor kept getting bigger.”

The donations came pouring in and surgeons at Quanzhou Women's and Children's Hospital in China’s Fujian Province agreed to surgically remove the large tumor.

CEN Agency noted that experts at the hospital believe that the tumor can successfully be removed and they suspect that the baby boy will make a full recovery afterwards.



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