Chinese shopping mall provides bigger parking spaces for female drivers

By Melissa Barclay,

A Chinese shopping mall is receiving both backlash and praise for making parking spots specifically designed for women.

The parking spots at Dashijiedaduhui, which translates to "World Metropolis," are wider, by about 30 centimeters, and are marked in pink, reported AFP.

The 10 spots are located outside the main entrance.

Reinforcing that women can only park in the spots isn’t an issue. Male drivers stay away from spots that are pink, “embarrassed” if they do choose the spot, one male driver said, according to Women of China.

Some women think the move is offensive, while others think it is helpful.

“I think this is very convenient. Other parking spaces are too narrow,” said Yong Mei, who took advantage of the new spaces.

Mei added that the new parking spaces weren’t “gender biased," but went on to say that “women have a few issues with vision when parking.”

Others have taken their argument to social media.

“This is supposed to respect women, but it’s actually an insult,” one netizen said.

The managers for the shopping center said the parking spots were created to make things “easier” for women.

The driving spots were created after women found parking in the standard slots difficult.



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