Chris Jericho makes surprising return to WWE programming on 'Monday Night Raw'

By Benjamin Mazzara,

Wrestler Chris Jericho made a surprising appearance on Monday Night Raw in Hartford, Connecticut, marking his return to WWE programming after a lengthy a leave of absence.

As noted by Bleacher Report, Jericho has been quite busy during his absence from wrestling, including several side projects, such as his band, Fozzy.

Cageside Seats reports that these outside ventures were acknowledged by the ring announcer, who hinted Jericho’s return by saying that, “This ring warrior is a cross-platform entertainer who has found numerous successes outside of the squared circle."

In his Talk is Jericho podcast, Jericho insisted that his band Fozzy will continue to be the focus in his life, but he will continue to return to WWE when he has time and interest, reports Wrestling Inc. Jericho also said that he is always in touch with WWE, thinking of other ways for him to return.

Jericho admitted that the whole deal for his return to Hartford was made in about five minutes with WWE COO Triple H on the Friday before the event.

In the days before the event, there were rumors that fellow retired wrestler "The Miz" would be the one to show up at Hartford's XL Center, but there was a report came out that it would actually be Jericho.

On Monday night, both Miz and Jericho made their return that night, to the surprise of everyone at the XL Center. The crowd exploded with cheers and applause when Jericho interrupted The Miz's walk to the ring.

However, the mood quickly turned when recent ring villains "the Wyatt family" - a cult of backwater hillbillies lead by their delusional, Hawaiian shirt wearing leader, Bray Wyatt - attacked Jericho, beating him senseless to end the night's festivities. A bit of an odd creative choice for the return of a fan favorite, but considering how particular Jericho is about the circumstances of his returns, he must have accepted this turn of events.

Jericho had not participated in a WWE since the July 19, 2013 episode of SmackDown and has repeatedly insisted that he did not want to return to the ring unless there was something interesting for him to do.

Video via Twitter from WWE

image courtesy of Roger Wong/INFphoto.com



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