Chris Martin makes personal choice, ditches vegetarianism after split with Gwyneth Paltrow

By Chanelle Perrin,

Musician Chris Martin and wife Gwyneth Paltrow made headlines in late March after her "conscious uncoupling" post hit the Internet, announcing the couples’ separation after 11 years of marriage. Now, it appears that Martin is consciously giving up on his vegetarian lifestyle as well.

According to Fox News, the dietary change was a personal decision for the Coldplay frontman.

In an interview with BBC radio, in which he briefly discussed the change, he revealed, “I am not really vegetarian. I eat meat. I was vegetarian for a long time but, for various reasons, I changed.”

Paltrow is known for her very healthy lifestyle, so it is not shocking that their children are mindful of what they eat.

"My daughter has been a vegetarian since she was born. I keep getting tempted to go back to vegetarianism but I don’t eat too much meat," Martin said.

Although Martin appears to be going through a series of changes, the couple has remained consistently private about their separation since the announcement in March. The couple shares two children, 10-year-old Apple Martin and 7-year-old Moses Martin.

image courtesy of INFphoto.com



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