Cleveland is the real winner in the LeBron James saga

By Robby Sabo,

When comparing Miami and Cleveland, there really is no comparison. Miami has had Don Johnson, Dan Marino and tropical weather. Cleveland has: wait, what do they have? Miami has spring break, breathtaking weather and beautiful people. Cleveland has Drew Carey (sigh), and inclement snow in the coldest of winters.

The Miami Heat have won two championships in the past three years and Florida State is coming off of a National Championship. Cleveland has not seen a professional sports team win a championship since 1964 (Browns).

It is, without question, a landslide when comparing these two sports-cities.

That is, until now, as LeBron James will return home to the Cavaliers, he revealed in an essay on Sports Illustrated.

While the story of the greatest player in the world returning home is without question significant, the real story is about the city of Cleveland. Not only did they add Johnny Manziel recently, but now their hometown hero is back. Suddenly two of the biggest names in the sports world call Cleveland their home, which is a major upgrade compared to a few months ago.

50 years without a major-pro sports championship is a long time. Today though was better than a championship. The image of James’ no. 23 jersey being burned in the streets of Cleveland just a short four years ago has made the entire country sympathetic towards this city. Today we celebrate how Cleveland feels, and do not apologize to Miami.

When James left in 2010, it was purely a case of a young 25-year-old kid feeling the pressure of winning. He envisioned himself an old-man in a Cavs jersey still waiting for his first-title. So he escaped the pressure and assured himself some titles with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. He also captured two-more MVP’s to boot, according to CBS Sports.

What James probably realized during his four-years there, is that Miami hosts some of the worst professional sports fans in this country. They are fair-weathered and completely laid-back. In stark-contrast, Cleveland people are always “jacked” and absolutely “starving.” Heck people were lining up outside his Cleveland home in hopes of an announcement of his return.

While Cleveland sports fans felt the world of hurt in 2010, now they feel exhilaration. The story cannot get any better as the dreaded, boring, snowy city of Cleveland has finally defeated the exciting, tropical city of Miami.

image courtesy of Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com



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