Cliff Lee struggles in return against the San Francisco Giants

By Ricky Yandoli,

It was a rough return for Cliff Lee as the Philadelphia Phillies lost to the San Francisco Giants 7-4 on Monday.

Adam Duvall of the San Francisco Giants hit a two-run home run that spoiled any chance of Lee gaining any type of advantage, according to the Associated Press.

After missing nine weeks of the MLB season, Lee was not successful, allowing six earned runs, while giving up 12 hits in the process, reports ESPN. The only positive about Lee’s outing was he did have three strikeouts.

Many scouts were on hand to watch Lee to see if he could do well in his comeback start. Teams around the league are looking to make a move to acquire Lee’s services. However, this past outing will make it tougher for the Phillies to trade away Lee.

Lee spoke to reporters about scouts being in the stands to watch his performance and said he ignores the trade rumors that are surrounding him right now.

"I could care less about the scouts or trade rumors," Lee said. "I've never cared about them. My goal is to go out there and give my team a chance to win. I'm in Philly and I want this team to win."



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