Colin Farrell could star in 'True Detective' season two, HBO also interested in Taylor Kitsch (Reports)

By Daniel S Levine,

If the first season of True Detective was part of a McConaughey renaissance, the second season may be part of Colin Farrell’s own attempts to get back in Hollywood’s good graces. This afternoon, it was reported that the Winter’s Tale actor is in talks with the network.

Deadline reported that Farrell is already in deep talks with the network. In addition, TheWrap claims that Taylor Kitsch is being considered for a younger male lead role.

Of course, after Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson stunned television audiences with their performances in the first season, there was no way HBO could cast a TV star in the lead parts for season two. Creator Nic Pizzolatto and HBO would have too many disappointed fans on their hands if that happened.

So, Farrell makes perfect sense. His last film, Winter’s Tale, followed a string of bombs he fronted (the Total Recall remake included), but he did win over critics with a supporting part in Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks and did Seven Psychopaths. It’s possible that he’s looking to go back to In Bruges-style performances, and True Detective would be a great way to get started.

As for Kitsch, he’s had a rough start to the beginning of his movie career. Battleship and John Carter flopped hard, but he’s excelled in smaller projects, including HBO’s The Normal Heart. He also just appeared in Lone Survivor.

HBO hasn’t confirmed anything and seeing as the Jessica Chastain rumors didn’t work out, Farrell could just as easily not work out.

Pizzolatto has said that he’s halfway through writing season two.

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